The #LoxStar Shampoo and Blowout Membership

We’re thrilled to announce our #LoxStar Shampoo and Blowout monthly membership!

Priced at $120/month, this membership entitles you to four shampoos and blowouts per month.

Individually priced at $50 per blowout, this membership reduces the cost of each to $30 per blowout instead, paid monthly. Once you’ve purchased your membership, all you do is book your blowout as usual and the price will zero out at checkout.

Professionals recommend infrequent shampooing; getting a shampoo and blowout from one of our stylists once a week protects the integrity of your hair as they use professional-grade products and tools. This is particularly useful for those wishing to maintain their color treated hair.

Blowouts typically last anywhere from 3-5 days and the more frequently you have one, the better your hair holds the shape and style, making it last longer each time.

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