Hot Stone Massage: 20% off through January!

The temperature may be dropping outside, but it’s heating up at Lox with our hot stone massage special.

During a hot stone massage, our licensed massage therapist will place heated stones on various parts of your body as she employs massage techniques. These techniques combined will ease tense muscles and damaged tissue.

Benefits of a Hot Stone Massage

Reduce stress and anxiety. As with all massages, this massage will work to relieve symptoms of any stressors or anxiety that may be plaguing you. You’ll leave our spa with a renewed sense of calm and relaxation, particularly important during this season that can be so stressful and tense.

Relieve muscle tension. Heat has long been proven to ease tense muscles as it increases blood flow to the area it’s applied to. Our hot stone massage will increase flexibility and leave painful muscles feeling renewed.

Better sleep. Massage is integral to restorative sleep. Wake up feeling alert and refreshed after you experience our hot stone massage.

Relieve autoimmune symptoms. According to studies, massage can be helpful to those suffering from autoimmune diseases such as fibromyalgia. They sleep longer and have fewer trigger points. Hot stone massages have helped those with arthritis experience less pain and greater range of motion.

Booking Our Hot Stone Massage

Now is the perfect time to book your hot stone massage at our spa in Knoxville, Tennessee. Through January, get 20% off a 75 minute hot stone massage! Click here to book.

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