color gloss

Color Gloss: The Low Commitment Color Service You Didn’t Know You Were Missing

Have you ever considered coloring your hair but you aren’t sure it’s right for you? A color gloss is the perfect low commitment entry point to a full color service.

What is a color gloss? It’s a gentle form of color that adds brilliance and, with a tinted gloss, a subtle amount of color. Glosses add a dimension and feel you didn’t know you were missing before. 

If you want the brilliance and shine of a gloss but don’t want to alter your color, keep in mind there are two types of glosses: tinted and clear. A tinted gloss deposits color pigment much like an actual color service, whereas a clear gloss enhances the natural vibrancy and shine of your hair. Both services leave hair looking healthier than before.

A color gloss is a service your stylist will provide at the shampoo bowl. It only takes roughly thirty minutes and can be added to a haircut for a small fee. Ask your stylist at your next reservation and they’ll be happy to explain the ample benefits a gloss provides.

Give us a call at 865.523.5569 to book a standalone color gloss at Lox Salon or add it to your cart the next time you book a haircut.

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