When our CEO and founder Brynn opened Lox in 2006, she had been a vegan for nearly a decade. She was troubled by the waste in the beauty industry and wanted to affect change in a meaningful way. This led her to partner with Green Circle and make Lox Salon the first Green Circle salon in the state of Tennessee.

The beauty industry creates over 877 pounds of waste every single minute. We find this number unconscionable.

Thankfully, Green Circle has given our salon and others the opportunity to mitigate and substantially reduce this number. As Waste Warriors, we are able to recycle and recover 95% of our beauty waste.

According to their website, Green Circle was “created by our Founder and CEO alongside beauty industry leaders, our award-winning program¬†empowers salons to offset their emissions and recover up to 95% of their beauty waste.¬†That includes previously unrecoverable materials and hard-to-recycle items like hair clippings, foils, excess hair color, aerosol cans, and color tubes.” Green Circle uses hair clippings to create hair mats that are in turn used to clean up oil spills, while excess color is repurposed into clean energy.

Impacting the health of the world in a positive way is one of our most important tenants and we pledge to continue this mission. For more information about how we do this, feel free to reach out via our Instagram.

Here at Lox, we are always looking for ways to cut down on the impact we have on the environment, lower our carbon footprint and help support our community. Why? Because we only have one planet and believe that Earth Day should be every day!

Speaking of which, May 21st is National Bike to Work Day and we hope you ditch the car and opt for your bike instead. Don’t have a bike or need a tuneup? Check out our new neighbors at Two Bikes and see all they have to offer: affordable bikes, free community work benches, and donation based education. We are so excited to see the new bright blue of their shop just around the corner from us. A great addition to the Old City!

For all those on two wheels, stop by Lox Salon & receive $5 off your haircut tomorrow May 21st.

Happy cycling, Knoxville!