Silent Reservations: How They Work and Why to Book Them

You’ve been there before – drained from a busy day, not in the mood to talk, and in need of some peace and quiet. But you have a reservation at the salon later and really, really need your hair done. You pull yourself together and try to recharge on the way so you have the social capacity to chit chat.

This is where silent reservations come in, a free add-on we’re now offering at Lox Salon. Once you check in, your stylist will go through the usual motions — ask if you’d like something to drink, what you’d like to do to your hair, and form a plan during a thorough consultation.

From there, if you’ve booked a silent reservation, your stylist will only communicate with you if it’s absolutely necessary — whether you’re a guest in their chair for half an hour or for four hours. At the end of your reservation, they’ll make sure you’re happy with the results and you’ll be on your way.

At Lox, we want our salon to be what you need it to be. If you need a quiet break from screaming kids, talkative co-workers, or just a little time for self-reflection, we’re here to accommodate in a judgement free zone.

To book a silent reservation at our downtown Knoxville salon, simply book a reservation as usual and choose the silent reservation add-on after choosing your service. We hope to see you soon! 💚

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