Olivia Halcomb takes the lead with our Creative Team

Earlier this month 4 year Lox stylist, Liv Halcomb, came to me with a proposition. She loves her job but needed another creative outlet. We often have photo shoots with the team and sponsor charity events at the salon, but she wanted to combine the 2 & host them more often. What we needed was a Creative Team & she wanted to lead it. I couldn’t be more excited or proud. Lox had expanded to 14 employees in the past year and that can be hard to manage. Here was someone who was willing to take on that challenge, & was eager to do so. I gave an enthusiastic, Yes!

If you have not had the pleasure of getting to know Liv personally, here are a few questions she was willing to answer about herself & her newly acquired position.

Lox: How long have you been in this industry?

Liv: 6 years

Lox: How did you first get inspired to pursue a career in the hair industry?

Liv: I’ve always been an artist and I thought going into this industry would be a great way to translate art into a career. 6 years later I love my career even more than I could have imagined I would.

Lox: What made you decide to start a Creative Team at Lox?
 Liv: I’ve always been intrigued with the artistic side of doing hair, and over the years I’ve become very passionate about photo shoots, fashion shows ect. I love having a vision and making it come to life! Working with such incredible stylists in such a creative atmosphere, I know when we all put our minds together the outcome will be amazing. I’m really excited to see all the wonderful things we can create!
      Also, another goal I had in mind in starting this team was to use our talents to give back. I’m very excited about opportunities the Creative Team will have not only artistically but also being able to combine our abilities to raise money for local charities. So you can look forward to some pretty fun events with the Lox team in helping to raise money for some wonderful charities in our wonderful community!
Lox:What or Who inspires you?
 Liv:As cliché as it sounds, nature really inspires me. I love seeing all the colors, how they are constantly changing, and all the textures you can find in nature. I feel really inspired to translate those textures and colors into hair. In fact, the first photo shoot the Creative Team is doing is inspired by elements of nature. (Make sure to look for it this winter!) I’m also inspired by fashion and culture, the visual aspects of movies, and so many different artists. Peter Max is one of my very favorite artists.
Lox: How do you see yourself growing individually and helping those around you?
 Liv: I think heading up the Creative Team will really push me creatively and help me to stay inspired by everything that’s around me. Having that mindset will really carry over to working with my clients and giving them the best of me! I also think working together as a team will really help us grow even stronger as a salon. I’m inspired everyday by the other stylists at Lox and hopefully I can inspire them too!
Lox: How do you see your clients accepting this new role? (what changes can we foresee?)
 Liv: I have the best clients! They can expect me to be even more inspired and excited to give them my very best. Not only am I now the Creative Director at Lox, I’ve also been promoted to Master Stylist,which means my services will increase by $5. I’m really excited about all the new changes in my career and I think my clients will be too.
Lox: What was your most outrageous/exciting moment at work?
 Liv: There are many exciting moments in the salon industry. You get to be a part of others’ lives, and thats always exciting. Often you are the first to hear of exciting news in their life & are there to help them prepare for the most important events in their lives; proms, graduations, marriage proposals, weddings, new babies, interviews and jobs promotions. You are there for it all. I love being a stylist and being a part of my clients’ lives!
      As for outrageous moments I’ve had plenty of those as well but we shall save those stories for another day 😉
Lox: Anything else you would like to add?
 Liv: I am so excited to be starting the Creative Team at Lox and to work with such wonderful people on my team! I love Lox and I love being a part of the Old City community. Everyone can look forward to seeing some really awesome things to come from the Creative Team at Lox.
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