How To Maintain Your Professionally Color Treated Hair

If you’ve had your hair color treated before, you’ve likely been frustrated when you notice it begins fading after a short time. This is because color treated hair is much different than your virgin hair and, as such, requires different upkeep.

Don’t go home and wash your hair. The cuticle of your hair has been opened to allow the color to take. With the cuticle still open, the color can run and you’ll see your hair fade right away. Wait three days before you shampoo your hair; this will give the cuticle time to close and help keep your color fresh between appointments.

Speaking of showering, turn the hot water down. We all love a nice, hot shower, especially in the cold winter months, but the hot water is opening your cuticle allowing all that color you love to literally and figuratively wash down the drain. The colder the water, the tighter the cuticle layer will remain.

Color safe shampoo and conditioner is key. If your shampoo and conditioner isn’t color safe, you’re stripping away the color you spent hours and dollars on at the salon. We recommend Neuma Beauty or R+Co shampoo and conditioner to maintain your color treated hair. (Bonus: Use a clarifying shampoo the day before your next color appointment to strip your hair of oils that may hinder the color.) Both are vegan and color safe.

Wash your hair less. The less you wash your hair, the better your color. Dry shampoo is a great tool for in between days; generally, every 2-3 days is safe but we have guests that wash as rarely as once a week.

Heat protectant is your friend. Before blow drying or or styling your hair, apply a heat protectant. Both Neuma Beauty and R+Co have great heat protectant products.

If you’re interested in color treating your hair, we recommend booking a free consultation with one of our trained stylists. Coloring your hair at home may seem convenient and cost effective, but unfortunately it often leads to damaged hair and a trip to the salon for an even costlier color correction that could’ve been avoided.

Book online here or give us a call at 865.523.5569.

Happy coloring!

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