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Body Polish: Your Secret to Healthier, Softer Skin

Body polish is the secret weapon utilized by celebrities from Jennifer Lopez to Gwyneth Paltrow, but what exactly is it?

Body polish is not dissimilar to a facial, but, as the name implies, for your body instead. The natural exfoliant leaves your skin glowing from head to toe and can markedly improve body acne as well. Dead skin cells are sloughed away, encouraging faster turnover that improves skin condition and appearance.

Who benefits from body polish? Simply put: everyone. It’s a wonderful treatment for sun-damaged, dry, dehydrated, and/or clogged skin. Below are some of the myriad ways a body polish will benefit you:

  • Increased cell production – Body polishing increases your blood flow, meaning new skin cells are produced, leaving you fresh and glowy.
  • Remove dead skin cells – Over time, dirt, oil, and dead skin cells accumulate on the body. This prevents even application of anything from lotions to spray tans. Our body polish removes this build up and allows these products to apply the way they’re meant to.
  • Hydration – Body polishing hydrates your skin, providing an all over healthy glow.
  • Both relaxing and energizing – Although not quite a massage, the treatment is incredibly relaxing and a good way to unwind. Due to increased blood flow post treatment, many people report feeling energized and alert afterward.

Our vegan body polish treatment is available at our spa in Old City, Knoxville, Tennessee. Click here to treat yourself to a body polish treatment reservation today.

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