Lox Salon’s Recycling Tips

As a Green Circle salon, Lox Salon safely disposes of 95% of all our waste. Hair clippings go toward cleaning up oil spills and excess color is separated into oil and water, which in turn is processed into clean energy. We get a lot of enthusiastic questions about these processes and have found most people want to help, but don’t know where to start.

If you’ve never recycled before, the beginning of the year is the perfect time to begin. The process may seem daunting to you if you’ve spent your life simply throwing your waste in the trash, but the first step is often the hardest. Incorporating simple steps at first is a great way to start your recycling journey.

Read below for some easy tips for working toward a sustainable lifestyle.

Grab a “twin bin.” A twin bin goes next to your regular trash bin, but is instead for recyclable materials. Consider labeling the bin with what can and cannot go into recycling. The one below, courtesy of the city of Knoxville, is a great resource.

Next, take stock of your personal waste habits and set realistic goals on what you think you can and cannot do. The goal isn’t to be perfect, but to be mindful of your own shortcomings and work toward more planet conscious habits.

A simple mistake people often make is forgetting to rinse out recyclable materials with food or drink waste. This can result in the entire batch of recyclables being thrown away and your work is for naught. Remove batteries as well; those will result in the same.

Plastic bags can’t be disposed of in recycling, so consider buying a reusable tote for your shopping excursions. Bonus: they’re much more stylish than the plastic bags the grocery store is going to provide you (and they probably aren’t going to rip, leaving your eggs and other perishables wasted on your sidewalk. We’ve all been there.)

Don’t expect yourself to be perfect; taking these first steps is a commendable initiative toward a better planet for us and for future generations.

Happy New Year!

Happy Winter Solstice!

With winter comes cozy Sundays by the fire, big coats… and dry hair. Temperatures drop and so does the moisture, leaving you wondering why your hair suddenly feels like straw and your scalp won’t stop itching.

Fortunately, there are ways to help.

Don’t over wash your hair. You need all the moisture and natural oils you can get. Washing your hair every day will strip it of the only thing standing between you and feeling like a scarecrow. If you wash once a day, try switching it to every other day and, eventually, every three days. Dry shampoo is a great asset in the winter; it will keep your hair smelling fresh and breathe life into your style. R+Co carries a variety of dry shampoos we love, especially as they’re vegan and cruelty free.

Don’t leave the house with wet hair. Aside from being a deeply uncomfortable experience in the cold winter months, it also causes hair to freeze and subsequently break. We recommend giving your hair time to air dry in the winter, but if you can’t make sure to use a heat protectant before you blow dry your hair.

Deep condition once a week. If you haven’t already picked up on it, moisture is vital in the cold winter months. A weekly deep condition replenishes moisture and staves off dreaded dryness. Bonus: You’ll love the feel of your hair afterward.

Lower the water temperature. Similar to how you don’t want to over wash your hair, you also don’t want to overdo it when you do. A hot water shower feels luxurious and is a respite from the cold, but its damaging your hair. Try to keep it lukewarm when you’re washing and – if you can stand it – even try cool water.

Finally, get a regular trim. Getting regular trims manages those pesky split ends, making your hair look and feel healthier. Book here now to see one of our trained LoxStars.

Happy winter and happy hair!

If you’ve had your hair color treated before, you’ve likely been frustrated when you notice it begins fading after a short time. This is because color treated hair is much different than your virgin hair and, as such, requires different upkeep.

Don’t go home and wash your hair. The cuticle of your hair has been opened to allow the color to take. With the cuticle still open, the color can run and you’ll see your hair fade right away. Wait three days before you shampoo your hair; this will give the cuticle time to close and help keep your color fresh between appointments.

Speaking of showering, turn the hot water down. We all love a nice, hot shower, especially in the cold winter months, but the hot water is opening your cuticle allowing all that color you love to literally and figuratively wash down the drain. The colder the water, the tighter the cuticle layer will remain.

Color safe shampoo and conditioner is key. If your shampoo and conditioner isn’t color safe, you’re stripping away the color you spent hours and dollars on at the salon. We recommend Neuma Beauty or R+Co shampoo and conditioner to maintain your color treated hair. (Bonus: Use a clarifying shampoo the day before your next color appointment to strip your hair of oils that may hinder the color.) Both are vegan and color safe.

Wash your hair less. The less you wash your hair, the better your color. Dry shampoo is a great tool for in between days; generally, every 2-3 days is safe but we have guests that wash as rarely as once a week.

Heat protectant is your friend. Before blow drying or or styling your hair, apply a heat protectant. Both Neuma Beauty and R+Co have great heat protectant products.

If you’re interested in color treating your hair, we recommend booking a free consultation with one of our trained stylists. Coloring your hair at home may seem convenient and cost effective, but unfortunately it often leads to damaged hair and a trip to the salon for an even costlier color correction that could’ve been avoided.

Book online here or give us a call at 865.523.5569.

Happy coloring!

Dermaplaning has become a trendy and popular service amongst both celebs and the every day person. What is it and how does it work?

A licensed esthetician moves a scalpel back and forth on the skin, removing dirt and vellus hair (something you may know as peach fuzz.) This process softens lines and wrinkles as well as reduces uneven skin tone. Its even been known to help with acne scarring.

While most people have no reaction or adverse effects, this isn’t a technique you should employ at home. A licensed esthetician has been trained with the proper methodology to ensure the integrity of your skin.

Our own licensed esthetician, Huntley Dillion, says, “I recommend dermaplaning every four weeks for my own clients. There’s no downtime afterward; you just need sunscreen and moisturizer because of the temporary sensitivity of the skin.”

Dermaplaning can be used as a standalone service or added to one of our customized facials. If you have further questions, shoot us an email at LoxSalon@gmail.com or give us a call at 865.523.5569.

Click here to book now!

At Lox Salon, our stylists strive to give the best of themselves to their guests, beyond making them look and feel beautiful; they are often therapists, friends and confidants. Each and every stylist is here because they love what they do and all that it involves.

However, as commission based stylists, our Lox Stars not only don’t get paid on no-shows, they also lose valuable time that could have been used to book another appointment.

We understand things come up and life is unpredictable. As such, we ask you give us at least 24-hours notice in order to avoid incurring a penalty fee on your appointment.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding. We hope to see you soon!

Beginning in January 2022, Lox Salon will transition to an hourly pricing model. We believe this is the future of our industry and this new system will simplify the process for you, our valued guest.

Our stylists will charge for the time you are in the chair rather than each individual service. As such, online booking will look a bit different.

For example, if you are looking to book a haircut you will select 1 Hour Haircut and Style. This service includes a shampoo, haircut, blow-dry and style, as well as any add ons your service provider may have time for such as a conditioning or scalp treatment.

As for color services, our guidelines are as follows:

For an all over color and blow-dry or a half head of highlights/lowlights/balayage, we recommend booking the 2 Hour Color Service option.

Looking for a full head of highlights/lowlights/balayage? We recommend booking the 3 Hour Color Service.

A corrective color, if you have previously colored at home, or for vivid colors (ie pink, blue, purple, orange, etc.) you will need to book the 4 or 5 Hour Color Service depending on thickness and length of your hair.

Gratuity will be included in your costs. This means once you book your appointment you have the peace of mind of knowing exactly what you’ll pay before you ever even walk in the salon.

We understand change can be confusing and are here to help with any questions you may have. We are available at LoxSalon@gmail.com or 865.523.5569 to assuage any of your concerns.

Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy 2022!

Happy December!

From now until January 2, Lox Salon is proud to be one of the stops on the Peppermint Trail in downtown Knoxville. You’ll find a framed QR code located at our front desk you may scan for a chance to win prizes.

While you’re here, make sure to check out our seasonal peppermint infused scalp massages or arctic berry facials for a little R&R during this hectic holiday season, or, grab one of our Neuma gift sets, a $90 value priced at $60. With your purchase you’ll be entered for a chance to win an amazing basket of prizes.

Happy holidays from everyone at Lox Salon!

Giving Tuesday takes place the Tuesday after Thanksgiving every year and is referred to as a “global generosity movement unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world.” It is intended to offset the consumerism of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

This Giving Tuesday, Lox Salon encourages our guests looking for a cause consider Farm Sanctuary. Lox has committed to donating 10% of all retail proceeds the month of November toward their mission; Farm Sanctuary rescues farm animals, rehabilitates them and offers a quality of life they were previously not afforded.

Thank you for your continued support and Happy Giving!

Loving your new cut or color courtesy of your favorite stylist? You can save $10 at your next appointment just by leaving a review and posting a photo to your Instagram Story!

After your appointment, simply post a photo of your new ‘do to your Instagram Story or grid. Make sure to tag and follow @LoxSalon and you will have a $5 credit applied toward your next appointment.

For an additional $5 credit, leave a review! After each appointment, you will be emailed a receipt via Vagaro. At the bottom of the receipt, you have the option to leave a review; do this and you will receive another $5 credit on your account.

As always, we hope you love your new lox and to see you soon!