Corin Rosa
Curly hair Specialist. Hair Extensions Lover. Classic cuts aficionado.
Michell Palacio
Lox Barber. Football lover.
vegan hair stylist with rocker mullet
Brynn Crowell
Salon Owner. Blonde Enthusiast. Curl Tamer.
short bob with bangs
Jess Gierth
Creative Director. Hair Artist.
blowout & color correction hairstylist
Amanda Clift
Blow Out Queen. Blonding Specialist.
knoxville stylist with pink hair & undercut
Melanie Farmer
Master Stylist. Hair Enthusiast
knoxville hair colorist & pulp riot artist
Andrea Lee
Vivid Color Specialist. Microblader.
knoxville tn short hair stylist
Alillie Brady
Short Hair & Designs Specialist. Makeup Master.
knoxville hairstylist makeup artist wedding stylist
Katie Potter
Hair Painter. Makeup Lover & Lash Lengthener.
black hair with curls & headband nail artist
Jennifer Strong
Nail Technician. Spa Pedicure Expert.
Porsche Williams
Natural Nail Beautifier. Soul Pamperer.
Lauren Moran
Soon to be Barber + Lox Bookie