vegan hair stylist with rocker mullet
Brynn Crowell
Salon Owner. Blonde Enthusiast. Curl Tamer.
short bob with bangs
Jess Gierth
Creative Director. Hair Artist.
blowout & color correction hairstylist
Amanda Clift
Blow Out Queen. Blonding Specialist.
knoxville hair colorist & pulp riot artist
Andrea Lee
Vivid Color Specialist. Microblader.
knoxville stylist with pink hair & undercut
Melanie Farmer
Master Stylist. Hair Enthusiast
knoxville tn short hair stylist
Alillie Brady
Short Hair & Designs Specialist. Makeup Master.
knoxville hairstylist makeup artist wedding stylist
Katie Potter
Hair Painter. Makeup Lover & Lash Lengthener.
Corin Rosa
Curly hair Specialist. Hair Extensions Lover. Classic cuts aficionado.
Lauren Moran
Soon to be Barber + Lox Bookie
Porsche Williams
Natural Nail Beautifier. Soul Pamperer.
black hair with curls & headband nail artist
Jennifer Strong
Nail Technician. Spa Pedicure Expert.