Proud to be a Summit Salon

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Lox Salon has been a Summit Salon partner since 2019. This means we are a level based salon company that strives for excellence within our team & rewards hard work and determination. As a Summit Salon Company, we have seen more success stories just in the past 3 years ( even during a pandemic) than in our 15 years of business.

We are also a team based salon that works together for growth, learning, and raising each other up.

Every employee starts out by learning the Lox culture of acceptance and a positive mindset. Each member of the team contributes to the energy of their environment.

We have quarterly Personal Development Meetings in which each team member is asked to set goals and is coached on how to reach those goals, often pairing team members together to help each other.

As a level based salon, each employee has the opportunity for a promotion every 3 months based on their commitment to customer service and continuing education. This allows each team member to grow in their career as quickly as they feel comfortable , but also hold them accountable for their actions or lack thereof.

Our purpose? Proving that this industry is stronger working together not against one another and supporting each individual as they grow in their career and that there are no limits.

Being a Summit Salon is a commitment, & this approach to learning is not for everyone.

However, we are so very thankful for the many stylists and technicians we have had the pleasure of working with over the years and helping them understand & reach their goals.

Our mission at Lox is to provide exceptional services, foster a sense of community, acceptance & love, and inspiring our team to be the best versions of themselves.

We hope you’ll stop by and see what we are about. We look forward to meeting you!